Garnier Thiebaut Trunk Show October 21-22 23rd ! Order your dream damask tablecloth and get 20% . Choose from the entire collection,any pattern , any color in any size ! A very special opportunity ...Do not miss it !

RENAISSANCE_GRIS POUDRE_small_far [Desktop Resolution].jpg

BATEAU IVRE_BOULEAU-Tablecloth [Desktop Resolution].jpg

NAPPE_MILLE CERAM_GRENAT_CUISINE_small [Desktop Resolution].jpg

Nappe_Renaissance_Grenade [Desktop Resolution].jpg

NAPPE_ROMANCE_PARMEsmall [Desktop Resolution].jpg

NAPPE_MILLE WAX_SUNSETsmall [Desktop Resolution].jpg

ROMANCE_FRAMBOISE GS_Small (2) [Desktop Resolution].jpg

Nappe_Isaphire_Rubis(zoom) [Desktop Resolution].jpg

Mille Couleurs Feu - Tablecloth 2 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

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