Pork Chops in parchemin paper .

This is the most simple recipe but it is very festive ....It is a  big hit each time !  You can prepare everything in advance and cook it when your guests are in .

You'll need one pork chop per person. I prefer the ones with the bone in as they are more moist.                   On a piece of parchemin paper big enough so you can wrap the chop like a candy ;  layer as follow :          Some chopped shallots and chopped fresh herbs ( a mix of basil, sage and thyme ), then the pork chop oiled with some olive oil , more herbs ,  a nice slice or two of italian prociutto ( not too thin ) , some roasted tomatoes ( less water and more taste than fresh ) , a nice slice of gorgonzola ( I like the Sini Fului Gorgonzola Dolce from Whole Foods as it is creamy and not pungy or too strong blue flavor ), 2 sage leaves ( sage and pork really goes well together ) , ground pepper ( no salt because of the prociutto and cheese )  .

Wrap the package , tie the sides with a string and you are ready !  These cook really fast , about 10 -12 mns depending on the thickness in a hot oven set at 425F  . Cook them at the last minutes because they will still cook inside the paper until your guests open them.... So serve immediately and still in the paper ! I like to serve them with some fresh gnoccis  on the side ( spinach gnoccis , sweet potatoe are great and ad a splash of color )   

Bon Appetit !


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