April in Paris ....

April in Paris....we had not visited the city of lights in many years...too many years. This time on our way to Provence we would stop over for a few days and re-discover Paris !


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First hours in Paris ...steps away from our hotel. Perfect spot for a picnic with all the amazing food bought at the local fromagerie, boucherie, traiteur, boulangerie and patisserie :)

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 Doesn't that look just like the cover of the book "French women don't get fat " !!!! I tried my hardest to get fat ....eating a couple of brioches and pains au chocolat every morning, a full sit down lunch at a Brasserie with a Baba au Rhum for desert , a couple of stops for macarons or cakes at some of our favorite patisseries in the afternoon and of course dinner ! 3 weeks later .... I only gained 2 pounds !!!

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We are freezing cold ...we need some calories ! Picking up some food at the local Fromagerie,  deli "Traiteur " Lenotre Patisserie for our picnic by the Eiffel Tower...


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