Paris Day 4: Le Grand Palais, Le haut Marais...

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And The "Grand Palais " ! This amazing place was built for the 1900 Universal Exibition . The construction is a mix of steel /glass and stone and was built in only 3 years. Later on this place was used as a "convention center " but it finally closed it's doors and was abandoned for many years . Some major renovation started in 2000 and were still going on until last year. Special events and exhibitions are held at the Grand Palais now and the only way you can visit this place. We were happy that 2 fantastic events were going on this april.


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First : The Tour Auto ....Vintage cars are displayed in the central Nave today waiting to leave at sunrise tomorrow and race through France for 5 days.Many of our friends are participating in this famous race and it will give us a chance to see them.

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You can read about the Grand Palais on their website :


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With our friend Regis Mathieu who's racing in a vintage Porsche . Regis owns a magnificent atelier in Provence where they restaure chandeliers from the National Monuments and create also beautiful lamps.


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Now we're going to the Helmut Newton Exibition in south wing of the Palais. We are big fans of Helmut and this was  really special to be able to see his photos . Fabulous !

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One more cute Confection Store with some Easter display

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"Merci " THE must go to store in Paris....the Anthropologie of Paris with a cafe, a library, clothes, furniture,accessories.....

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Piles of linen sheets in trendy colors

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Next block : Le Bonton ; a concept store for kids with a hair salon, bedroom furniture , fun toys with a vintage or hip twist and clothes of course...on 3 stories !

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Beautiful window displays in the Haut Marais...

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Time for our afternoon sweet treats . We are at "Pain de Sucre" patisserie ....cakes are amazing of course with unusual flavor mixes , the macarons are just perfect but the star of the show for us will be the fresh home made "marshmallow " or Guimauves flavored with orange blossom water ( the big cubes in the glass jar in the window....) We are still dreaming about those !

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G.Detou in french =I have everything ! Everything for pastry and cooking....I'm going to stock up !


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Centre Georges Pompidou known as Centre Beaubourg is the largest Museum of moderm art in Europe

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La bleue ...the real blue Mobylette ...the french moped

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The "Rue de la Grande Truanderie " was in XII Paris a very very dangerous street with lots of thiefs and pickpockets ....in one name : Truands !


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The beautiful streets of Paris .....


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