Direct from The South west region of France : Canevas tote bags, espadrilles and runners for a fun summer look !

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" Tete a tete" or double place mats mix with solid color napkins !

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San Diego Spring farmer's market

Our local farmer's market is getting bigger and nicer . We are so lucky to have had this market for now 16 years.It is not quiet like the ones in the south of France where you would find many cheese trucks, meat trucks and fish mongers ...but we have fantastic organic produce here ! Thank you California weather :)

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Pierre ( Ratatouille little's brother at the market looking for some cheese he never found !


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Sweet mangos from Mexico


DSCN4873 [800x600].jpg

Sweet strawberries from Carlsbad


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Delicious dates from the desert !

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Time to plant your herb garden !


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9am ...the line for a crepe is already long long !


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Nice Hawaiian music whi;e you wait or shop


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Mark , the fish guy ! Always great fresh fresh fish , sea urchins and oysters ....


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DSCN4881 [800x600].jpg

A baguette ....


DSCN4882 [800x600].jpgA

croissant ...


DSCN4883 [800x600].jpg

New truck today with a rotisserie ..yum !!


DSCN4874 [800x600].jpg

Zucchini blossoms for lunch !


DSCN4884 [800x600].jpg

Voila ! Just simply deeped in a light tempura batter , fried in olive oil  , some fleur de sel and  it's all the taste of Pascal's grand mother's lunches in Forcalquier ....

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The cutest girls dresses just arrived from France !

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The Pop up book ! Amazing ....a piece of art !

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DSCN4939 [800x600].jpg


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DSCN4933 [800x600].jpgAnd little cardboard books for the little ones ....all in french !

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Who doesn't dream to get married in Paris ?? Here are all the informations you would need to make it a reality !

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DSCN4922 (Large).JPG

DSCN4919 (Large).JPG

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Silk/cotton blend polka dots $33, pure linen with stripe $36 , light weight cashmere $79.90 ...

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DSCN4995 (Large).JPG

DSCN4987 (Large).JPG

DSCN4996 (Large).JPG

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