Lanterns by Plemmie

Beautiful lanterns  made by our friend , local artist Plemmie

She paints and decorate them by hand and can personalize or do any special order for your special event ,wedding , baby shower...

These lanterns all come with LED lights that will bring charm to your patio, child's room or table center.

Prices from $35 to $50 for the ones in stock at

Maison en Provence


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DSCN5555 [800x600].jpg

DSCN5563 [800x600].jpg

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Stands with lanterns 001 [1280x768].jpg

wix center piece for fall [1280x768].jpg

Stands with lanterns 012 [1280x768].jpg

Centerpiece Lantern 025 (Large).jpg


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Roasted apricots with lavender honey


DSC_4867 [Desktop Resolution].JPGIt is apricot season ! One of my favorite way to eat them is simply roasted....the twist ??  Some lavender honey  ! Place the apricots cut side up in an earthenware baking dish. Sprinkle with some lavender flowers( very little or it could be too pungent) . If your apricots are not too sweet ad some sugar ( 2-4 tbs) . Bake in the owen 350F . When they start to soften and releasing their juice ad some lavender honey ( up to your taste about 4 tbs) and a couple of tablespoons of sweet wine ( Muscat de Beaumes de Venise ...this one is my favorite because it's so close to my home town in Provence) Finish to roast until a bit brown. Serve still warm with some fresh made whipped cream or panacotta gelato. Personally I serve them with some home made lavender honey ice cream and almond "tuiles" a traditional cookie shaped like a roof tile . This recipe will transport you to Provence !

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