Our Hydrangeas

They are our pride and the enjoyment of the whole neighborhood !

People stop and take photos every days when they are in bloom ...peak season to see them is mid June to end of July

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Celebrating Bastille Day !

It's been a fun "14 Juillet " our " Fete Nationale"  !

We plan on having an even bigger celebration next year in Mission Hills

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Lou Fanucchi playing the  accordion....it felt just like being in France ! We loved his arrangement ( a mix of Edith Piaf and "Amelie Poulain" sound track ) so much we are now selling his CDs !

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Alice looking very very French today !DSCN9928 (Large).JPG

DSCN9912 (Large).JPG

Happy to bring a little bit of our country to California !DSCN9914 (Large).JPG

Taking our  girls to a Bastille Day diner at Brooklyn Girl after work ! We are going to try everything on that special menu ....crispy sweet breads, roasted bone marrows, steak tartare , pissaladiere, whole Loup de Mer , canard a l'orange ...DSCN9932 (Large).JPG

And French fries of course !DSCN9937 (Large).JPG

dinner.jpgSome ideas for next year ....A parade of French cars like in NY ....

The video is on Facebook...looks so much fun !


parade NY.jpg


And a waiter's race or as we say : "course de garcons de cafe "



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Gearing up for Bastille Day !

Mission Hills will be the neighborhood to be for Bastille Day this year and we are thrilled about it ! All the restaurants will offer a special French menu all week end until Monday July 14th .

Getting excited about a fun week end all red-white -blue !

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DSCN9854 (Large).JPGPlanning a French Party ? We got you set up with flags , toothpicks . Alice made some banners with our own french fabric as well as paper rosettes and cards !

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DSCN9817 (Large).JPG

Saturday from 12 -3  . Live accordion Music with Lou Fanucchi

French Market and Side walk sale all day !

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The Patio on Goldfinch will host a Bastille Dinner on Monday and Tuesday nights with Host chef Olivier Bioteau from Farm House Cafe )

Their "Vive la France " cheese platter is going on all week !!!

DSC_9452 (Large).JPGI've collaborate with Brooklyn Girl eatery on their Bastille Day special menu starting on Friday night ....so this will be our place to hang out after we close the shop Monday night . We LOVE everything on that menu !!!


Brooklyn girl menu.jpg


The Red Door is putting together a Farm to Table Garden inspired French Bastille Day menu as well !

Bastille Day.jpgLast but not least : Cafe Bleu , THE French restaurant in the area is having a prix fixe menu for the occasion

cafe bleu.jpgAnd to finish Croce's Park West will show the movie "Amelie Poulain" in the restaurant at 7pm . Go for dessert as they serve my recipe of a hot chocolate fondant with fresh raspberries . Best dessert in town !

amelie poulain.jpg

See you Then !

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