Preserved lemons $13 /jar

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For those who are not familiar with preserved lemons , here is one of my favorite recipe ( make 6 serving) :

The day before : marinate chicken thighs ( skinless,boneless or with bones as you prefer )with chopped parsley , chopped coriander ( one bunch each), 1 tbs ground ginger,1 tbs turmeric, a pinch of safran ,salt, pepper, juice of 1 lemon, 2 garlic cloves crushed, 2-3 tbs olive oil and 2 preserved lemons chopped .

The next day: In a cast iron pot ( le creuset like ) lightly brown a large onion chopped , ad the meat with the marinade, 2 glasses of water , cover and slowly simmer until the meat is tender ( 1h or more ). Just before to serve , ad 1 or 2 chopped preserved lemons as a garnish. Serve with some couscous. It's very good re-heated the following day....so you can make this dish in advance . Enjoy !

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