Day 3 in Paris...Les Puces et Montmartre .

Early morning sunday ...we're off to "Les Puces" the flea market of St Ouen.

The new flashy subway seats ...

DSCN0666 [1280x768].JPG

I have to say that I found Paris a LOT cleaner and a lot safer than before....very good news !!! You still have to be aware of course ...specially going to the flea market but we took the subway everywhere and it was so much better than when I use to come to work for Fashion Week. DSCN0668 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0680 [1280x768].JPG

St Ouen ...here we go ! It is absolutly freezing , the wind is as cold as the Mistral and it is barely 40 F !

DSCN0689 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0690 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0695 [1280x768].JPG

A "wrong way" sign turned into a cafe table...DSCN0672 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0712 [1280x768].JPG

"Do not look anywhere else...it is here ! "DSCN0702 [1280x768].JPG

"Chez Louisette " ....typical parisian bistro in the middle of the Marche ...just when you think you really got lost !!! French menu , some live accordion music and  Louisette singing Edith Piaf tunes....what else do you wish for ??!?!DSCN0736 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0716 [1280x768].JPG

Very Theatrical "mise en scene" in this shop. Loved it!

DSCN0725 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0721 [1280x768].JPG

Our favorite shop ...but no photos inside :( DSCN0732 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0731 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0734 [1280x768].JPG

Late lunch  at Brasserie Wepler place Clichy....not the most touristy spot for lunch or dinner but close to the Marche and walking distance to the Moulin Rouge and Montmartre.... Cafe Louisette won't do it for us ...we need some serious food to warm us up : A "choucroute " please ! Sauerkraut cooked in white wine with all the fixins : ham shank, a slab of bacon, sausages,  potatoes...and some hot french mustard :)DSCN0745 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0744 [1280x768].JPG

And a  "Pied de porc" ( porc feet ) for Pascal !

A funny looking "Baba au Rhum " ....helps to digest ! DSCN0746 [1280x768].JPG

An "art nouveau" entrance sign.DSCN0752 [1280x768].JPG

The Village of Montmartre.DSCN0762 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0760 [1280x768].JPG

We should be selling "Sabre" plastic fun silverware in our shop soon ! DSCN0761 [1280x768].JPG

Le Sacre Coeur ! We're on top of Paris ....DSCN0778 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0785 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0794 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0797 [1280x768].JPG

This is now a Gallery ...DSCN0804 [1280x768].JPG

Hip clothing store in Montmartre.DSCN0800 [1280x768].JPG

Enjoying a warm Grand Marnier crepe before to take the metro .DSCN0809 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0806 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0811 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0813 [1280x768].JPG

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Day 2 in Paris : Saint Germain .


Mariage freres fine tea , a fresh squeezed orange juice, the most perfect bread, sweet butter and a croissant ....I'm in heaven ! ....no... I'm just in France !


DSCN0665 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0558 [1280x768].JPG

Shopping in Saint Germain today ....It's cold but at least it's not raining ...yet !

The window displays from Puyricard chocolatier still have Easter Eggs , roosters and bunnies. It reminded us of our childhood....every bakery even in our tiny village had huge chocolate eggs stuffed with even more eggs....we couldn't wait for Easter sunday !

DSCN0546 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0547 [1280x768].JPG

Chacok : One of my must stop for colorful prints. I model for the brand for years and just love it !

DSCN0580 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0602 [1280x768].JPG

The very famous Poilane bakery in St GermainDSCN0632 [1280x768].JPG

Lunch stop at "Brasserie Lipp"  for the food of course, the mythic decor and the ballet of waiters in black and white with bow-tie and a great sense of humour !DSCN0587 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0593 [1280x768].JPG

The sign says: " to Mister our clients, please do not let your dog eat in the restaurant dishes and do not let them jump on the seats "DSCN0591 [1280x768].JPG

Our absolute favorite in any Brasserie : Andouillette ,frites !! A tripe sausage very soft texture , not chewy at all, mild in taste  to eat with fries and mustard of course ....waow do we miss that in San Diego !!!DSCN0595 [1280x768].JPG

For me it will be a Provencal classic: Brandade de morue au gratin with a frisee salad. Brandade is a salted cod ( baccala for the italiens ) . It is desalted over night in cold water , then boiled and mixed with olive oil to make it  creamy .Then it is added to a plain mash potatoe and broiled. The best one is made by my aunt who ad some black truffles ...amazing !DSCN0596 [1280x768].JPG

Pinatas in a children's store window display .DSCN0641 [1280x768].JPG

We would love to stop at Pierre Herme for some macarons but the line is out the door ...next timeDSCN0597 [1280x768].JPG

Rue du Bac : Bought some sweets at "La grande epicerie de Paris" a huge fine grocery store across "Le Bon Marche " Paris finest department store . We did some shopping !!! French bed linen from our favorite brand ....just because flat sheets in France are much longer and you can bring them all the way to the top of the bed and still have  a big wide fold over the blanket :)DSCN0647 [1280x768].JPG

Because of my Japanese roots , I have to go Aoki's Patisserie: Aoki is a talented japanese pastry chef, french trained  who opened his first patisserie in Paris , blending french perfect technique and japanese style . His cakes have custard creams flavored with match green tea, sophisticated red bean or sesame seeds in zen design shapes.DSCN0616 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0619 [1280x768].JPG

The french dog ....DSCN0659 [1280x768].JPG

No hamburgers for us !DSCN0662 [1280x768].JPG

We are going to "Les Cocottes de Constant" a tiny restaurant serving most dishes cooked in a cast iron "cocotte" . Comfort food , yes but done to perfection by an army of talented chefs. And the best surprise was for desert : A "Mamia " sheep milk yogurt like we've had in Biarritz and would make me drive all the way there just for a Mamia ....the most surprising "yogurt" you can ever have : light like air, taste like whipped cream , no sheep milk taste at all, easy to digest for us lactose intolerents....it is served mith honey but I recommend strongly to eat it with just a little crunchy granulated sugar to enjoy the delicate flavor....

From the same owner the "Violon d'Ingre " next door ....looked amazing....fine french food .

DSCN0657 [1280x768].JPG

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April in Paris ....

April in Paris....we had not visited the city of lights in many years...too many years. This time on our way to Provence we would stop over for a few days and re-discover Paris !


DSCN0507 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0450 [1280x768].JPG

First hours in Paris ...steps away from our hotel. Perfect spot for a picnic with all the amazing food bought at the local fromagerie, boucherie, traiteur, boulangerie and patisserie :)

DSCN0530 [1280x768].JPG

 Doesn't that look just like the cover of the book "French women don't get fat " !!!! I tried my hardest to get fat ....eating a couple of brioches and pains au chocolat every morning, a full sit down lunch at a Brasserie with a Baba au Rhum for desert , a couple of stops for macarons or cakes at some of our favorite patisseries in the afternoon and of course dinner ! 3 weeks later .... I only gained 2 pounds !!!

DSCN0466 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN0486 [1280x768].JPG


DSCN0499 [1280x768].JPG

We are freezing cold ...we need some calories ! Picking up some food at the local Fromagerie,  deli "Traiteur " Lenotre Patisserie for our picnic by the Eiffel Tower...


DSCN0392 [1280x768].JPG


DSCN0394 [1280x768].JPG


DSCN0418 [1280x768].JPG


DSCN0396 [1280x768].JPG


DSCN0395 [1280x768].JPG


DSCN0437 [1280x768].JPG

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