As seen in San Diego Home and Garden Magazine this month !

Our Japanese vintage Obi purses , silk flower pins , kimono fabric sachets and glitter/ fur Holiday decorations and ornaments made a full page in San Diego Home and Garden Magazine this december 2013 !

Check out our current selection of one of a kind Japanese purses below :



cover SD HG 001.jpg

SD HG Mag Christmas issue 001.jpg

DSCN8243 (Large).JPG

DSCN8546 (Large).JPG

DSCN8540 (Large).JPG

DSCN8539 (Large).JPG

DSCN8538 (Large).JPG

DSCN8527 (Large).JPG

DSCN8533 (Large).JPG

DSCN8536 (Large).JPG

DSCN8535 (Large).JPG

DSCN8534 (Large).JPG

DSCN8531 (Large).JPG

DSCN8530 (Large).JPG

DSC_6292 (Large).JPG

DSC_6291 (Large).JPG

DSC_6283 (Large).JPG

DSC_6282 (Large).JPG

DSC_6274 (Large).JPG

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The best gift for a men ...an authentic Laguiole knife !


In a throwaway society, here is an object you will keep for the rest of your life, then leave to your grandchildren. Laguiole the world’s most elegant knife.To the French , this is the tool of choice for uncorking the best wines, slicing saucisson, spreading pate, coating a slice of country bread with Roquefort.

In short, Laguiole cutlery is for living well…


DSCN2974 [1600x1200].JPG


DSCN5967 (Large).JPG

Classic folding knives in boxwood , buffalo horn, cow horn , buffalo crust , olive wood, amourette and ram crust .

DSCN2968 [1600x1200].JPGSommelier - wine bottle openers are available in buffalo horn and boxwood .

DSCN2967 [1600x1200].JPG

DSCN5970 (Large).JPG

Pocket knives with a corkscrew are perfect picnic companions

DSCN5941 (Large).JPGThe hunting knife , a big manly knife with a "brut de forge" blade

Ram crust folding knife : rustic yet sophisticated .

DSCN5939 (Large).JPG


DSCN5938 (Large).JPG

" Le Mandailles " with a "brut de forge" blade

DSCN5947 (Large).JPG


DSCN5945 (Large).JPGRosary instead of a cross decorate the handle

DSCN5946 (Large).JPG

Beautiful detail on the spring for this special knife

Ancestral model "Crocus" in a light color solid horn 


DSCN5942 (Large).JPG

The most special one : Double spring twisted  , full handle in buffalo horn , damascus blade


DSCN5960 (Large).JPG


DSCN5961 (Large).JPG

DSCN5962 (Large).JPG


DSCN5965 (Large).JPG


Brushed stainless steel and Amourette wood handle .

DSCN5951 (Large).JPG


DSCN5952 (Large).JPGDetail of the spring ...this knife is carved all the way to the back.

DSCN5954 (Large).JPG


Some more details of other knives:


DSCN5944 (Large).JPG


DSCN5958 (Large).JPGAll our knives have their bee forged as one piece with the spring ( it is not a separate piece that they weld onto the spring )

DSCN5955 (Large).JPG

We only order the best materials : exotic woods , solid horn (pointe de corne ) never the pressed horn that chip in the long run

DSCN5949 (Large).JPGBig rivets for the full handle knives ...just like antique Laguiole were done.

DSCN2980 [1600x1200].JPGMost importantly , we carry real genuine Laguiole knives that are hand forged in laguiole . One craftman start and finish each knife and carve the spring as his signature . All knifes have forged bee and carved by hand springs ....we leave the cheap stuff for the internet sites as well as the copies. If it's cheap , it cannot be handforged in France ...

Know the difference , you'll appreciate the quality !

DSCN2966 (Large).JPGCarving sets

DSCN2956 (Large).JPGBest bread knife !

DSCN2955 (Large).JPGElegant and efficient cheese knife

The perfect gift to any man !

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Macarons for Thanksgiving !

DSCN8574 (Large).JPG

DSCN8513 (Large).JPG

Toile and turkey paper plates and napkins ...perfect for those left over parties !

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Fall inspiration....

DSCN8473 (Large).JPGA shipment of pottery from Provence just came in.....Sylvie's paintings are always just whimsical

DSCN8442 (Large).JPG

DSCN8466 (Large).JPG

DSCN8450 (Large).JPG

DSCN8445 (Large).JPG


DSCN8237 (Large).JPG

DSCN8456 (Large).JPG

DSCN8469 (Large).JPG

DSCN8468 (Large).JPG

DSCN8230 (Large).JPG

DSCN8231 (Large).JPG

DSCN8243 (Large).JPG

DSCN8448 (Large).JPG

DSCN8449 (Large).JPG

DSCN8457 (Large).JPG

DSCN8451 (Large).JPG

DSCN8470 (Large).JPG

DSCN8471 (Large).JPG

DSCN8235 (Large).JPG

DSCN8234 (Large).JPG

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Halloween french style !

DSCN8241 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN8258 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN8260 [1280x768].JPG

French candies ....and french parisian macarons !!

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Recipe for the Holidays

Cardon de Noel is a traditional vegetable dish for Christmas in Provence. You can find some during the Holiday season in the Italian markets like Mona Lisa ( Cardone ) Italian usually just fry them but we make them in a light cream sauce . The delicate flavor tastes like artichoke bottoms and pair very well with truffles . It is simply delicious and I wish I could find some year round ! Here is the way to prepare them ...not complicated but the preparation on the vegetable is a bit labor intensive . The best would be to find super fresh young cardone , as white as possible ( that makes it easier to clean ) but it's not always the case ...They look like big celery stalks but are a bit "furry" and more grey .


RecipeYou have to remove all the threads like for celery ....and there are always a lot ! Wear gloves as it will stain your hands . Put in a bucket of cold water with a lemon juice or the cardone will turn black .





RecipeIn a large pot , boil water ; salt and sift in a large tablespoon of flour without making lumps. This will whiten the cardon as it cooks . Boil slowly for about an hour or until soft and tender . You probably will have to ad some water from time to time .

 Pierre is just over looking my job today !






recipeStrain in a colander ...this can all be done in advance and put in the fridge to keep straining . The day you want to eat it just a make a light consistency white sauce or "bechamel sauce " This is the most basic of all french sauces ....but I remember it took me a year to master when I was 18 and just moved out of my parent's home and in with Pascal my husband  ....some 30 years ago now ! Since then I never weigh or measure anything and always just make a perfect bechamel ( put a good chunk of butter in a sauce pan , when bubbly ad the flour and "foam " to make a "roux" ...ad more flour as needed to thicken your roux and your sauce later ; ad milk and whisk non stop , keep adding milk until reach the right consistency , then ad a small container of whipping cream .)  For this recipe you want it to be pretty liquid like an "english cream "  and you want to make more than enough so your vegetable is swimming in the sauce because as you bake it in the oven it will thicken and reduce . I do not put any cheese or other seasoning as it kill the delicate flavor ....only a good shaved truffle  is perfect addition . bake for 30mns or so until gold on top and serve .This dish goes perfectly with any poultry . Hope you like it !



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