Easter is just around the corner !

The same lady we buy our Christmas decorations from has made some very cute things for Easter this year !

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IMG_4895 (Large).JPGLavender honey egg soaps

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One of my favorite Easter lamb recipe !

This is a very traditional lamb shoulder recipe typical from Provence and the perfect Easter meal . Lamb shoulder are almost impossible to find here but you can make this sauce with any other lamb roast .

DSCN3070 [800x600].jpg

In your baking pan  put a lemon ( sliced , seeds removed ) and a whole can of anchovies in olive oil ( do not be scared by the anchovies ..their bones will melt during cooking and they won't give a fishy taste to your lamb at all but a nice deep salty flavor ...this is actually the secret ingredient ....if you don't tell , they won't know but they will love it ! ) , then some garlic cloves ( i usually boil them first for 15 mns to pre-cook them , that avoid to have them dry out and still be hard ...this way they will melt in your gravy )  If you are doing a leg of lamb you will probably have to double all these proportions . Lay over you lamb ( shoulder , leg or rack) . Insert a few garlic cloves rolled in thyme and salt under the skin. Rub with herbs, rosemary works very well , salt and olive oil ;  bake .Once the meat is done , put aside . Remove the slices of lemon , take the skin of the garlic cloves and mix it all with the cooking juices to make the best gravy to accompany a lamb dish .

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DSCN3066 [800x600].jpgI like to serve my lamb with green beans, a potatoe gratin ( gratin d'auphinois de preference ! ) and an eggplant gratin too ....

For the gratin d'auphinois : slice with a mandoline thin slices of potatoes . Layer them in a baking dish  with herbes de Provence ,sliced onions , salt and pepper. Cover with whipping cream or chicken broth if you do not want the dairy and fat !In Provence we do broth but in the rest of France they do cream and sometime cheese ....up to you .  Bake until done ...make sure it doesn't get to dry ...ad some liquid if necessary .

The eggplant "papeton" : skin and cube the eggplants ( 2 ) saute in oilve oil , ad salt , 2 bay leaves and cover immediately so the eggplant will give out water . Ad 2 crushed garlic cloves, thyme and cook cover until the eggplant make a mash .Ad a bit of water if it gets too dry . Take off the heat and ad 2 eggs beaten. Pour in a baking dish and bake in a double boiler until done ( 1 hour or so ) VOILA !!!

I appologize if my photos are not the best because I always remenber to take them when I'm in the midle of the cooking process and my hands are a mess or in a rush when I serve it because we really want to eat  right away !!! Can't wait when it's that good :)


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It's officially spring !

IMG_4868 (Large).JPGNew Candles from Provence in sweet Linden blossom, fresh Lavender, Mimosa from Nice, Pine trees from the Luberon, Fresh Verbena/green tea and soft Rose petals

IMG_4822 (Large).JPG

Flour sacks towels with delicate water color designs from Cynthia Dunn an artist who leaves in Washington State and has her designs made here in the USA . She loves French things and it shows in her line . We have about a dozen different prints including a cute little "lapin" /bunny for Easter !

IMG_4832 (Large).JPGFloral Elixir shower gels, Body lotion , Hand lotion, Eau de toilette in Preious Jasmine or Rose Geranium

Spring has arrived !

IMG_4831 (Large).JPGPeony - Magnolia soap ...2 of my very favorite flowers in one bar of hard milled soap !

IMG_4814 (Large).JPGLinen and silk sachets with a button hole to hang in your closet : Rose petals , Cedar wood and Lavender

IMG_4817 (Large).JPGPlain simple refinement of linen and french lavender at its best !

IMG_4811 (Large).JPGWe are very picky when it comes to lavender and this one is now our most pure lavender line made  with essential oil . Candles are eco-friendly , renewable soy wax, paper core, cotton wick , diffuser will perfume your home , bath salts and shower gel will relax and soothe muscle tension...a spa at home !

IMG_5033 (Large).JPGAs easy as 1-2-3 ! Make your own whipped cream or fresh mayo in a less than a minute ...Great hostess gift

IMG_5032 (Large).JPGNew line of kitchen accessories from France : the mini "cocottes" have a more modern look (still oven , microwave, dishwasher safe ) knifes blend rustic maple wood handles and modern steel blades .

IMG_5034 (Large).JPGSlate cheese boards,paring knives , new kitchen towels and pot holders ...rustic chic !

IMG_4835 (Large).JPGShopping in style ...French ! Made in France since 1860 , these "filets " will go from the grocery store to the gym or beach ...stretching and holding everything in your life! 100% cotton , machine washable and available in 8 stylish colors ! No excuse not to always have one on hand ...

IMG_4836 (Large).JPG

IMG_5035 (Large).JPGColoring books, posters, cards , maps, placemats to keep the kids at the table ....get your pens ready !



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Spring Linen Trunk Show !

Spring Linen Trunk Show March 10 - 11 ! 

20% off your entire purchase .

Order any tablecloth from the entire collection ... any size , any pattern , runner, placemats . Custom sizes and coated damask available too .

Don't miss this unique opportunity, tell your friends ! We haven't done it in 3 years but this spring collection is just so gorgeous, we could not not do it !



















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We have the perfect gifts for Valentine's Day



Love bites ❤️16386862_1518014594878658_7035652850187408182_n.jpg

Calissons for your Valentine ❤️ Specialty from Aix en Provence , these are made with almonds grounded with candied orange peels and candied melon ...not very sweet ,they are delicious with Champagne

IMG_4818 (Large).JPG

Direct from Paris ... Most romantic card to keep

16386863_1520649334615184_3335384809582885315_n.jpgHeart hair clips from France kiss

IMG_4797 (Large).JPG

Sweet heart ❤️ linen sachets filled with lavender

IMG_4799 (Large).JPG


IMG_4863 (Large).JPG

Lilipo : Delicate jewelry made by my friend French Designer Lisiane


IMG_4830 (Large).JPG

Very unique jewelry from Parisian textile Designer Tsuri Gueta 


DSCN2016 (Large).JPG

DSCN2007 (Large).JPG

IMG_4794 (Large).JPG

 IMG_4787 (Large).JPG

And these are just a few ideas !! So much more has come in ...


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Noel in San Diego !

Its this time of the year again ! The shop is full , the windows look festive and our staff is ready ! Last minute gifts or stocking stuffers ...no problem ! We are here and happy to help . Happy Holiday Season !

Yvonne , Alice , Carmen , Marielle ( and Pascal who took the photo )

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