Mother's Day,

A special fragrance for a sweet Mom by Fragonard. "Maman cherie" is the very essence of tenderness...

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Plastic dishes : melamine plates are dish washer safe !

These melamine dishes will go from the patio to your dinning room as they look and feel like real ceramic ! Plus they are dishwasher safe ! Perfect to entertain , near a pool or on a boat as well...DSCN5613 [1280x768].JPG

Benidorm pattern on Mimosa yellow tablecloth

DSCN5614 [1280x768].JPGMix and match : Benidorm pattern and Provence solid blue

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DSCN5615 [1280x768].JPGProvence solid blue , yellow and Benidorm bowl

DSCN5622 [1280x768].JPGSeville pattern


DSCN5634 [1280x768].JPGMalaga red pattern mixed with Provence solid yellow, clear glasses, Fayence yellow tablecloth



DSCN5617 [1280x768].JPGMalaga blue pattern , Mimosa yellow tablecloth


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Easter inspirations...

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The good maners at the table ...in french on plastic plates ...best way to learn !

DSCN4927 [800x600].jpgNew Designs , bowls and mugs for boys and girls !

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Olive harvest in Provence

I have to share these photos of my family in Provence in the village of Nyons ....where the famous olive oil is produced .  My cousins Alain and Regine own and operate the family  olive farm just like in the old days ( It is the 6th generation and  they make the most delicious organic first cold pressed olive oil I know ). Yes it is Christmas and it is also the season to pick up the olives . The day after Christmas everybody is giving them a hand  !





My little cousin Lou-Anne



My cousin Regine


Processing all the olives by hand as always .


Nyons is a cute little town in "Drome Provencale" the northern part of Provence at the foothills of the lavender fields ( we get our lavender oil from there ) . The olives are legendary and driving east and north of Nyons is just marvelous ... our very favorite area to go to ...unspoiled tiny roads and villages . ..worth exploring if you go to Provence ! 


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Happy Holidays !

Joyeux Noel from all of us !

Marielle, Yvonne , Alice , Plemmie , Pascal who took the photo and Chimo !!

We can't get enough of Yvonne's  sweet sweet puppy ....

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DSC_1997 (Large).JPGWith his daddy ...

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